Why Women Crave for Romance

Women love the idea of romance itself

Men are considerably luckier than women when it comes to establishing relationships. All they have to do is woo their desired female with lots of romance, and more often than not, the elusive heart is conquered. Even the typical hardened woman who has sworn off men would most likely melt if she were showered with flowers, serenaded with music, enticed with chocolates, treated to candlelit dinners, shown romantic sunsets, walks on the beach, and whatever else her heart desires.

The secret lies in the wooing approach. It is probably best if the man will surreptitiously do his own research of what the pursued lady’s interests are. Sometimes, the simpler yet sincere gestures are the ones that garner the most appreciation. Expensive jewelry and fur coats may take her breath away but extravagant gifts such as those could sometimes be intimidating, making the recipient doubt if she is indeed deserving of such frills, or if the gentleman is merely showing off. A more low-key but affectionate approach such as an invitation to a concert of her favorite artist, dinner at her favorite cafe, tickets to a tennis match she is interested in – these are sure to win the pursuer some heavyweight points. It is more appreciated if a woman’s interests are entertained and given importance, rather than blinding her with far too much flamboyance. It may work for some, but the relationship might not go beyond the superficial stage, and rely on material wealth to survive.

So why do women fall for romantic gestures? Why do they swoon at the very idea of romance? The answer is actually very simple – women thrive on appreciation. Romantic words and actions convey a deep appreciation of the person they are addressed to. Simply put, they profess the message, “I adore you.” Aside from delivering a very positive message, they come across as extremely respectful of a woman. A love letter sincerely and beautifully written is a powerful medium of expression. It proclaims love, respect, and admiration; it tells the recipient, “I adore you so much that I am willing to go through all this trouble to write down my feelings instead of buying a ready-made card or giving you a trifling gift.” It allows the reader to ponder on the words and carefully consider the writer’s message. Hopefully, with much thought, the writer will receive a positive response.

Aside from being appreciated, women love the idea of romance itself. Such gestures show a person that she is being treated with utmost care, her feelings are being strung like guitar strings, her emotions are being carefully dealt with, she is being treated like a queen, and that is exactly what she likes.

Assuming the wooer has succeeded, the question now is how to keep the romance alive, especially in long-married couples? The most important thing is to remember that this aspect needs some work and effort, and should not be assumed as an automatic occurrence in successful marriages. First and foremost, both men and women must make a commitment to take care of themselves, mind and body. It is a fact of life that physical appearance makes up a huge percent of a person’s attractiveness. Likewise, a healthy mind perfectly complements it. It will not be entirely difficult to be romantic to your spouse if you still find her attractive. Second, regular private time together is a must, no matter how demanding the children, the chores, and other commitments may be. It does not have to be in a five-star hotel nor an island getaway. The important thing is the couple’s togetherness and their desire to keep the fires burning. If only married couples would treat each other in the same way they did during the courtship stage, there would be fewer divorces around. Perhaps, they keep forgetting the fact that relationships not only thrive on love and respect, but they also hunger for romance.

Source by LizHemmingway