Why You Always Must Wear A Helmet When Your On A Motorcycle

Prevention is better than cure


It has been imperative to wear helmets due to the increasing incidence of mortality from motor vehicular accidents, particularly among motorbikes. Severe injuries have been sustained in most cases such as head and neck injuries which decrease the likelihood of survival. That is why apart from other motorbike gears, the helmet bears the heaviest duty of protecting your life.


It is simply because of the fact the head is the most fragile part of the body because it contains the brain which is by far, the very organ that commands every cell in your body to work. In cases where a motor biker without a helmet meets a collision, he’d be lucky enough to sustain only a fracture otherwise he’d be in a far more serious danger if he hits his head. Through the years, the use of helmets has proved to decrease the incidence of death among motorbike accidents.


Despite that, there have been different arguments concerning the use of helmets. According to some, the use of helmets may even predispose a person to accidents. Helmets to a certain extent may be distractive to some drivers, it is bulky and it limits area visibility apart from that it causes neck fatigue because it is heavy. Needless to say, it feels good without a helmet. The thing is there are many types of helmets. To minimize chances of distraction, you may find a helmet that suits you best.


There is a half shell, three-quarter and the full face which is the bulkiest of them all. Half shell does not cover the ear and the jaw, the three-quarter covers the ear but not the face and well, the last, covers everything except the eyes. Using a half shell, although, your jaw is exposed, is way better than not wearing anything at all if your concern is that it’s heavy. Among the three, the last provides heavy protection. Although there has been an argument that full face helmets may cause neck injuries.


Despite the fact that helmets have its drawbacks, you might as well weigh the consequences of not wearing it and you’d find out, that it’s safer to have it on, nevertheless. Every person driving a motorbike has a chance of meeting an accident because you are not in control of other drivers who may be reckless. Prevention is always better than cure. And well, there’s no simple cure for head injuries.

Source by Greg Pierce