Wolverine: One Last Time

No Hugh Jackman as Wolverine after Logan. Someone please tell me this is a dream


I grew up watching superhero movies and cartoons; I devoured their comics. I believe anyone who has watched the X-Men animated series or even read the comics wanted to have healing powers and claws coming out of the back of their hands. Heck, I even tried making my own claws! All thanks to one guy — Wolverine.

He is the man who defines the term superhero. James Howlett, A.K.A. Logan, A.K.A. Wolverine is probably the most badass character of all time.

There are some characters one can’t even imagine being played by anybody else. Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man brought their characters to life. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for me is irreplaceable. If anyone were to disagree, speak up now or forever remain silent.

It is heart breaking to know that this is going to be the last Wolverine movie. At least, the last one with Hugh Jackman playing Logan. Marvel and Hugh—don’t do this to us fans, please?

Nonetheless, the character development of Wolverine is probably one of the best in the superhero universe. The 137-year-old (estimated age) superhero has been subjected to cruel experimentations, survived a nuclear blast, and the superhuman will he shows every single time is incredibly inspirational.  I remember the one time he risked his life and went up against Magneto— who had almost ripped him apart and shredded him to pieces. Do you know why he did this? Not for himself, but to save a young girl named Rogue.

Logan’s backstory is quite tragic. Born in the 1880s in a rich family, a teenage James (that was Logan’s name back then) saw his father being murdered by a man right in front of his eyes. That’s when his mutation manifested as claws made of his own bones come out from the back of his hands. As they pierced through his skin, young James screamed out loud in agony and in pain. Rushing towards Thomas Logan, the man who killed his father, he pierces Thomas with his claws only to realise that the man was his real father. Yes, he killed his own father unknowingly.

Soon after, James fled home with his childhood friend Rose, decided to live in a mining colony, and adopted the name Logan. After an unfortunate turn of events, he ends up killing Rose accidentally with his claws. Unable to cope with the loss, he flees once again and starts living in the wilderness with the wolves. The man lived with freakin’ wolves! He is bound to be toughened.

As time progressed, Logan fights alongside Captain America in World War II. He then fights against the Hulk as part of Canadian government sanctioned mission. And these were just the good days.

One person who played an important role in making Wolverine who he is today is Stryker. There is only so much a man can handle, but Logan exceeds all expectations. The Weapon X program that he is put through takes a toll on him physically as well as mentally. It is also where he gets the name—Wolverine. His then-girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox once told him a story about a spirit who was tricked into being parted forever from his lover—the Moon. The spirit—whose name translates to ‘Wolverine’— was subsequently forced to look at the Moon forever and never be with her again. Before William Stryker injects Adamantium into Logan’s body, he asks for dog tags with the name ‘Wolverine’ engraved on it.

After the experiment, certain events take place and Wolverine ends up losing the love of his life—Kayla Silverfox. But, he doesn’t remember a thing! He sees her laying right there but all he could see is a dead woman and nothing else. He seals her eyes and walks away.

Wolverine’s attitude is the definition of the term ‘no f**ks given’. He doesn’t really give a damn about most things but is morally superior than most super heroes. The only other person, in my opinion, comes anywhere close to his attitude is Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series.

Mr. Hugh Jackman, you might want to quit, but believe me when I say this: Every single person secretly wishes for Wolverine to show up in every X Men movie. They may not admit the fact that they want only Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine, but deep down, the name X-Men will immediately conjure up your image before anyone else.

Mr Jackman, I know that we might be seeing a female Wolverine, and I’m sure she’ll be as badass and as fearless as you. But I also know that we won’t be seeing you play the Wolverine again (I really hope I’m wrong), and I hope the legacy continues.

Every fan out there knows what is going to happen at the end of the movie. They are going to be in tears because Wolverine, the character we have grown up with and is part of our lives, will never be the same again. I have mixed feelings about March 3, 2017, but I am planning to catch the movie on the first day itself, come what may.

I’ll miss the guy who loves his cigars. I’ll miss the guy with the rebellious attitude. I’ll miss the guy who asked Professor X and Magneto to go f**k themselves!

With inputs from Kedar Deshmukh