Woman Murders 8 Puppies to Teach Their Mother a Lesson

Almost every building complex in India has a friendly stray dog that resides in or near the compound. Residents feed it, play with and the arrival of a new litter of puppies spreads happiness all around. Ponnamma, wife of an ex-honorary flight lieutenant, is not that kind of a person. According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, this lady threw a newborn litter of puppies onto the boulders in the Krishnanagar area of Bangalore on March 15. Seven puppies died that day, the last one succumbed to its injuries the next day. The puppies were just 15 days old.

Image: Bangalore Mirror
Image: Bangalore Mirror

What possessed Ponnamma to commit such a heinous, gruesome act? The mother of the puppies had given birth to the puppies in a gutter, near her house. She killed them in front of their mother, “to teach them a lesson”. A resident told Bangalore Mirror, “When we asked her about it, she just said, achcha nahi laga, fek diya (I didn’t like it, so I threw them).

The outraged neighbours have buried the dead puppies but their mother a four-year old still-nursing stray Ammu, dug up their graves to feed them. Five days after the incident, she roams around their burial site.

The cops have booked Ponnama for cruelty towards animals and faces a jail term of upto 5 years. She was arrested but is out on bail. Residents have told the cops that she is remorseless.