Women Who Called off Their Weddings For the Right Reasons


In Firozabad, Agra, a woman called off her wedding after being forced to dance to a Bollywood song. The friends of the groom had demanded that the couple dance to a song but the bride refused. The groom forced his wife to dance with him. Enraged at this humiliation, the woman threw away her garland and walked off the stage. The girl’s father also asked the baraat to return. This is not the first time women have called off their weddings for the right reasons. After years of having no choice or say in one of the most important decisions of their lives, Indian women are slowly taking a stand.

1. Groom was Illiterate

Khushboo Saxena was supposed to get married to Omveer Singh, who she was told was a graduate. She started suspecting something was wrong when he started messing up the wedding mantras. She decided to test his intelligence by giving him a few coins to add up which he failed. He couldn’t even use a touch-screen phone or differentiate between the numbers 69 and 79. Omveer said he could not answer some questions as “he was distracted by the DJ”. That didn’t work and the both parties called off the wedding.

2. Groom Fails Basic Maths

What is 15 plus six? Any 6 year old would you give you that answer but when a fully-grown man cannot, it is simply absurd. Lovely Singh, asked Ram Baran, her to-be-husband to add 15 and 6. After he replied 17, she called off the wedding. The groom’s family tried to convince the bride to return but she refused saying he was illiterate and was kept in the dark about his dismal lack of education.

3. Groom Turns Up Drunk

Sajeti, a resident of Sighaul village, called off her wedding to Surendra Tiwari, after he turned up to his wedding ceremony in an intoxicated state. Even though the groom’s family tried to convince her to go ahead she refused and did not sway from her decision.

4. Groom Hides a Medical Condition

Full disclosure, especially of an underlying medical condition is expected before entering the union of marriage. Hiding an illness is tantamount to dishonesty. Jugal Kishore, from Moradabad, had an epileptic seizure during the garlanding ceremony and collapsed in full view of the wedding guests. The 23-year-old fiance Indira from Rampur, infuriated that there kept in the dark about the medical condition strangely announced that she would marry another man at the ceremony. After Kishore returned from the doctors he pleaded with her to marry him to save his from embarrassment. Wedding guests resorted to brute force and used spoons, plates and other dishes to force Indira to marry Kishore. It didn’t work.

5. Man Asks For a Nude Selfie

In Kalyan, a 33-year call-centre employee kept insisting that his fiancee send him naked pictures of herself. This angered her so much she called off the wedding and filed an FIR. She also alleged his family had asked for dowry.

6. Grooms Spits Tobacco

A groom in Deoria district arrived at his wedding chewing tobacco. Half-way through the ceremony, he stepped out to spit. According to BBC, the enraged bride called off the wedding, saying she didn’t want to marry an addict.

7. Dowry Demands

Asking for dowry has been illegal for years now but is still widely practised  in India. The bride’s family usually gives in, given the precarious position of women in Indian society. Ramya Ramachandran, a young woman from Kerela called off her wedding with a moving Facebook post saying the groom’s family suddenly demanded 50 lakh rupees and 400 grams of gold and she had no wish to continue this alliance further.



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