World’s Most Unusual Bikinis

A glimpse of some unusual bikinis from around the world


Let’s face it; you want to go to the beach not just to have fun in the sun but also to show off your “assets” to the watching men. Now, the thing is, when you go to the beach, you aren’t “the most beautiful” as what your parents always tell you. In fact, if you don’t make your bikini as unique as possible, you wouldn’t be able to get the men’s attention. Of course, we want to help you with your aims. And to give you ideas for the next summer, here are some of the most unusual bikinis we’ve seen around the world. Take your pens and notepads out and make notes while reading.


China is known for their great fabric artistry. Having said so, we’re not really surprised that they came up with a unique bikini that isn’t just perfect for swimming but is also very attractive for exotic dancing. Where else will you find a Hand Crochet Sexy Unique Bikini but in China? Yes, the entire bikini is made of crochet and is the perfect application of Chinese traditional handicraft in the fashion world. Up to this date, this kind of bikini can only be found in China, so if you want one with the same idea, why don’t you ask your mom to help you out (if you know what we mean)?


If you think that the crochet bikini is still not enough to give you the amount of attention you want, there are bikini tops now (you’ll most probably find them in costume shops) that cover the boobs with palm-like cups. Some girls just love their busts being touched and perhaps they came up with this type of bikini top.


Another very unusual bikini that we’ve stumbled upon is the bubble wrap bikini. The logic behind this bikini is really simple. Shape those bubble wraps you get from appliances to bikini pieces (bra and panties). That’s how the bikini bubble wrap looks like, really. Just don’t complain, if the bikini gets uncomfortable and itchy after swimming.


So you think that monakiki (that one-piece bathing suit that out-sluts the bikini) isn’t attention-grabbing enough? Why don’t you try out one of those lettuce bikinis that PETA popularized and attract those vegetarian and Earth-advocate hunks? Or if you really don’t want those too-clean guys, and you desire the hot geeky ones, there’s actually a Japanese photovoltaic laced bikini that puts out 5 volts by USB (just enough to charge an iPod shuffle) for you. Well, that is, if you can afford it and you don’t really want to swim.


But wait, there’s actually another bikini that’s older than the ones we’ve mentioned above. Some women (the sexy ones, mind you), actually sport the “clad” in their weddings. Yes, you read that right, in their weddings, following the footsteps of Pamela Anderson. Those that have the guts wore this wedding bikini that’s just technically plain white bikini pieces with flowers in them. So, how does that look? The bikini-bride looks like an ordinary bikini babe in the beach except that she’s wearing high-heels and a valve. To be able to “feel” the oddness of this bikini, just imagine yourself as the corpse bride in a carnival. That’s it.

If you’re still not impressed with the unusual bikini items we’ve mentioned above, here’s what you can do: Wait until Uma Thurman wears another weird bikini in her next beach escapade. I’m sure her super low-cut and her granny swimwear are enough to convince you that her weird bikini collection (She has a really serious weird taste in bikinis) is worth the attention (the paparazzi are digging it).


You can search for it in Google. Or if the “Thurman collection” still isn’t weird enough for your taste (seriously, you need a psychologist), just follow what other celebrities do. In this option, you don’t need to wear unusual bikinis; you just need to do “accidental” nipple slips. Easy, isn’t it?

Source by Donald Varner