Would You Buy A House Where A Suicide Occured?

Would you ever buy such a house


I recently came across a Selling situation with an interesting fact!    Nice house, nice area, market sensitive pricing…problem?   A recent suicide!

This is very difficult to deal with, the family was still struggling with the tragic event but we were dealing with a poor market. How do I handle the sale?  Do I tell everyone that comes in to view the home?  Do I say nothing?  If you were interested and I told you – would you submit an offer?   If I didn’t tell you, how would you feel after you moved in?  would it be OK to hear from your new neighbor as they bring over the proverbial ‘welcome to the street cake’ and ask with a smile “did you know that ….committed suicide!”      Is there even an issue to discuss?  There are many homes where deaths have occurred.  Many people decide to spend their final days at home instead of in a hospital.  A property that is over 50 years of age has probably seen a death occur within its walls – is this a concern?

I’m looking for your opinions or advice/personal experience.

The death although sad and tragic was not violent.  It was not a hanging, shooting or anything like that.  In fact probably as quiet as an older person passing in their sleep!

Would YOU buy this house?   Yes/No and why?  I have called the lawyers and my Broker, I need to disclose the information but I may be discrete and disclose just prior to an offer.

Would you pay less for this house or would you pay fair market value?  Would it bother you?

Any great ideas on how to turn this into a positive.  Obviously, the family is very upset with the situation and now even more so in having to deal with the sale of their home.


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