How Much Hard Cash Does Mumbai Carry?

We set out to find how much money Mumbai carries in its wallet

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As the saying goes: ‘There is a broad smile on a man’s face when his pocket is full’. We got thinking, how much money makes a pocket full? And how often do we have to replenish the pocket to make sure that the broad smile stays on? We asked Mumbaikars from different sections of society a simple question- ‘How much hard cash do you have in your pocket at the moment?’ Excluding all the cheques, precious jewellery and all sorts of cards just tell us how much plain hard cash you have!

These statistics are not to judge anyone, or calculate their bank balance or determine status in society but just to analyse and realise that different Mumbaikars live their daily lives in different ways and come out victorious despite the tremendous obstacles. In a way, this is a story on the spirit of Mumbai.

We spoke to over 200 Mumbaikars across different professions and this is what we found:

A college going daddy’s girl carries Rs.1000 in her pink pouch while on the other hand a bindaas fun loving college guy carries Rs.200.And says that his 200 is spend lavishly either on chai, cigarette or chokri!

A 26-year old working empowered woman carries 1500/-in her purse for safety and uses it to find her way home amidst an emergency or pick a quick travel when caught up in Mumbai’s fast but congested transport! Another 26-year old working woman is contented with Rs.500 in her pocket even though she goes through the same rush of Mumbai.

A media personnel fills his pocket with 4000 bucks every day as he needs to socialise, impress and build contacts in his field. He reloads his pocket when Rs.1000 is left in it.

Twenty five year old bankers who play with cash every moment carry Rs. 2000/- but fill their pockets again only when they have Rs. 300 left.

The pockets of two engineers have Rs.3500 as they begin their daily journey from Kalyan, Thane all the way to Goregaon.

A government school teacher carries Rs. 500 as she teaches the school kids the value of money and fills her purse when she goes to the market.

A Charted Accountant who calculates, manages and manipulates huge money of the big shots carries about 4000 bucks and fills her account when it is as low as 200-300 bucks.

The big shots -the Business men carry a big fat wallet which has about Rs. 5000-6000 and fill it again when the wallet becomes thin when only one note of Rs.1000 is left.

A BMC worker has Rs.200 in his pocket while a rag picker has Rs.70. The kaamwali bai who knows the secrets of the house that you don’t, has Rs.100 tucked in her purse while a senior citizen laughing loudly in the laughter club every morning at the park keeps Rs.300-500 for safety or rather ‘security’.

A housewife catering to a perfect family of two children and her better half keeps about Rs.400-500 in her pocket which increases and gets over soon when she steps in the market.

So, on an average Mumbaikars of different walks of life carry Rs.750 in their pocket. Just Rs. 750? Or RS.750 which is a lot of money for many!