You Can Quit Smoking With Vapour Cigarettes

Smoking: A Toxic Fixation


A lot of individuals are attracted to electronic cigarettes because of the convenience and health benefits that they offer. You can smoke them at any location and they also come with a variety of flavors. However, another group of people has discovered that they can actually use these devices to quit smoking. If you want to quit the smoke with vapor cigarettes, the following are some tips that you can use.


Quitting smoking with vapor cigarettes is possible because of several reasons. It will help you to simulate the psychological attachment that you have to the motions of smoking. The act of smoking forms a strong part of the addiction to the habit. When you use an e-cig, you have to go through the familiar motions of smoking a cigarette. This will help you to maintain the muscle memory that has been created from repeated smoking over the years without actually taking tobacco smoke. This is not possible with other smoking cessation devices such as patches or nicotine gum.


Another way that you can quit smoking with vapor cigarettes is to make use of the different levels of nicotine that is available. Most manufacturers provide cartridges with different nicotine concentrations. These are usually zero nicotine content, low content, medium content and high content. You can use these different strengths to progressively wean yourself off nicotine dependency. This is how a lot of people have successfully used vapor cigarettes to quit smoking.

In order to quit smoking with vapor cigarettes, start with the nicotine strength level that you are comfortable with. This could be the full strength or the medium strength. After some time, you should move a step down to a lower strength level. Keep doing this until you can use the vapor device with zero nicotine content. At this point, you will have successfully broken your attachment to nicotine.


If you have been using nicotine patches or gums without much success, it is time to quit smoking with vapor cigarettes. They are fun to use and you will still have the familiar sensation of smoking a cigarette. This is a very good alternative for individuals who do not want to use patches or gums. You will actually enjoy using e-cigs. There are several flavors to choose from and they can be used anywhere because they are not affected by smoking bans. You can easily order for an e-cig starter kit on the internet whenever you want.

Source by Beth Loraine Oneal