You Get Paid for What?!

A very unique and interesting job that pays you, just be strategic. Read below to find out what:


Becoming a secret shopper is a great and fun way to earn some extra income if you’re looking to earn some extra money or enjoy shopping and want to cut down on your bill. Becoming a secret shopper is also a good way gain a little bit of independence if you don’t like working a 9 to 5 or don’t want to get a part time job with a set schedule. As a secret shopper, you control your own schedule and only have to take assignments that you want, when you want. That’s one of the greatest things about being a mystery shopper. And because you can schedule your own assignments you can set your own income. All you have to do is sit down and calculate how much money you want to make and calculate how many jobs you will have to do. It’s best if you schedule all of your jobs in the same area so that you save on gas. You only get reimbursed for purchases that you make inside of stores if your shopping assignment requires that you make a purchase. Becoming a secret shopper is also a good way to give back to people. Because as a secret shopper it’s your duty to make sure that stores are running and operation at their peak potential. That’s why companies hire secret shoppers. So as a secret shopper you can make sure that stores inside of your community operate at peak performance. Companies are always hiring for mystery shoppers and there will always be a place for you as a mystery shopper as long as you complete assignments on time and write a nice detailed mystery shopper report back to the company that you’re working for.

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Source by Antonio Seegars