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The Steel pan is a beautiful creation originated in Trinidad & Tobago in the late 19.30’s and is the only orchestral family of acoustic musical instruments to be invented in the 20th century. With instruments ranging from low bass to high sopranos, all made out of the same raw material (oil drums) makes this invention a magnificent achievement for people of Trinidad & Tobago.

Jamani Stewart as a young steelpan soloist has adapted the use of the instrument to perform songs that people in his age group would recognises,  creating a  refreshing   mix of contemporary R & B, hip-hop, dancehall and reggae, performing songs  by artistes like R. Kelly, Sean Paul, Akon,T.O.K, as well as performing traditional calypso,s jazz Ballard is helping to bring the steelpan to new audiences. As a young steelpan ambassador he has found the instrument is very popular with staff and pupil at his secondary school perry beaches.


Jamani started recording his first album at 12 years old and completed it by   13th birthay. he was quite impressed to see how his brand of  steelpan music was received by people world wide, he also enjoyed TV  coverage

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Mighty Jamma & Son Jamani News Picture.j

Jamani with Proud Dad “Mighty Jamma”

Coming from a musical family has help contribute in many different areas,. Jamani‘s two uncles  as well as Dad are very involved in the music also, Uncle Barry (MACKADUB) Stewart help with all the technical Recording  and production side of the album, Uncle Norman ( Pan Maestro ) Stewart Tune’s the Steelpans, and his Dad Jamma Stewart is UK’S No1 Steelpan Soloist Champion, so a lot of input from different directions has contributed to the production, not forgetting his sister Rochella Stewart  who also plays the pans, and did all the art work for the CD. & Mom who makes his costumes for public performances.


Jamani & Rochella

Team work is always a good thing, when Jamani performs with his dad he gets a chance to explore new musical ideas with improvisation and melodies and understanding the language of music in deeper depths.Check out this on  rehearsed performance of improvisation on the stop with Jamani & his Dad.

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using the steelpan to play diffrent stlyes of music can only help the instrument to  move forward into  interrogation with conventional instruments.

It was a pleasure  to see Jamani getting awarded at school for unstanding musical achievements,


Happy Family Friend TV Celebrity Rusty Lee at Perry Beaches Awards Evening


Angela Stewart, Rusty  & Jamma proud parents of Jamani celebrate with good friend Rusty


Proud head Master Liam Noland Perry Beaches school


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