Youtube Channels For People Who Love to Learn

Youtube isn’t all about viral videos of cats playing pianos, there is a lot of good, educational stuff out there too. A couple of people from all walks of life; scientists, engineers, writers, economists, etc. took it upon themselves to disseminate knowledge through the Internet, in such a way that it is intriguing, fun and dangerously addictive.

If you love learning, you might want to check out these YouTube spaces-

1. Vsauce

“Our world is amazing”, says the polymath’s description page.

A plethora of topics from ‘Who owns the moon’, ‘Are we ready for aliens?’ to things to ponder about like ‘Why is our bottom in the middle?’ (no.. Seriously, why is it?), the channel offers a trove of curiosity driven content.

2. Asap SCIENCE 

We all debated the blue and black/white and gold dress topic. We all still debate the much older, “What came first – the chicken or the egg?” topic. Are you Team Chicken or Team Egg? Well, these questions have been answered WITH SCIENCE.

A YouTube channel started by two guys, who use whiteboard illustrations for their explanations, and are scientists. So we take their word for it. So Team Chicken or Team Egg, sorry but one of you is going to be disappointed.

3. The Brainscoop

The channel is created by Emily, who calls herself “the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of the Field Museum of Chicago”. The show is mainly about animals and taxidermy and has different formats- touring the museum, visiting researchers, bird watching, collecting roadkill and dissecting animals, field trips etc, keeping you interested in learning about the other side of the world, the side where EVERYTHING IS DEAD. But don’t worry, the host makes it less dark and more interesting. Yes. Fossils can be interesting too.

4. Kurzgesagt

Kurzgesagt means “in a nutshell” in German. In a nutshell, these guys are amazing and awesome and creative and brilliant and make ONE high quality content video every month, because obviously quality beats quantity.

They are ballsy and will call out on unethical shit in the world, even if it is a global giant like Facebook. They made a video about how Facebook stole their video and others videos to make profit. Watch “The European refugee crisis and Syria explained” and of course “How Facebook is stealing billions of views?”.

5. The School of Life

Raise your hands if you loved school?
I did I did.
Raise your hands if you love life?
You get it.

An open minded, rigorous, unideological organisation devoted to helping you deal with the important things you were never taught at school – relationships, careers, work life balance, anxieties and emotions, philosophy, politics, money etc., this channel makes learning accessible and relevant to everyday life.

They actually have physical schools around the world, but the easiest and ahem.. cheapest way to get access to them is by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

6. SciShow

Oxygen is killing you. Really, it is.

Aye really! I am not kidding. If you don’t believe me, go check out the SciShow. Four times a week, they post science videos because science is the best. Period.

Small segments like Quick Questions, Science Quiz to interviewing and discussing interesting people doing interesting things, they delve into the scientific subjects that defy our expectations and make us even more curious.

7. CrashCourse

This channel will teach you everything about everything, which is great because you love knowing everything about everything. Remember, that’s why you clicked this link? Socialism, capitalism, imperialism, if that’s your synergism, then well.. Check out CrashCourse.

With well produced animations, these videos are in-depth and give the complete top down stories of complex concepts across Literature, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, World History etc,. John Green will quickly become your favourite history teacher, Hank Green, your favourite Chemistry teacher.

8. Vlogbrothers 

A personal favourite, two brothers John Green and Hank Green who created CrashCourse and SciShow too, through their video blogging style teaching, make you think, question and change the world we live in.

It’s about two brothers having a dialogue with each other, ranting, making jokes, conversing, while seamlessly educating the third party observer, in a way they call “raising nerdy to the power of awesome”.

A community born out of this channel is the Nerdfighteria, with the “gang sign” being the Vulcan salute from Star Trek, done on both hands instead of just one, with arms crossed and palms facing inwards. It has been instrumental in raising hundreds of dollars of money for charities they support.

Other notable mentions – Smarter Every Day, It’s Okay to be Smart, CGP Grey, Numberphile, Geobeats, Veritasium, Victoria Hart, Crazy Russian Hacker and Minute Physics.

These online classrooms are effective and engaging, and created by people with a pure passion for teaching and learning through the process. Thank God they exist. They made me fall in love with learning all over again.